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Old 08-23-2002
Network Using write & talk

I am new to Unix/Linux, and I have been experimenting with the write and talk commands. I guess I don't understand what I am doing (probably becuase I am thinking like a Windows user). When I have two computers on the same network and type something like

talk tim

where tim is the name of a user, it will either say tim is not logged on, or it might say that it is connecting to an answering machine.

I guess question is how do I logon to a terminal is such a way that I become available to other users who want to talk to me?

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Old 08-23-2002
Check out the mesg command. You need to insure you are set up to permit others to write/talk to you.

Also look at the man page for write and talk. They are pretty simple and you should be able to understand them. When looking at man pages for commands, look to the SEE ALSO section which will tell you what other commands may be helpful when using a certain command.
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Old 08-23-2002
Read the man-pages wil help


On Unix there lives online manuals

when you type `man talk` on the command line you get infomation about talk

or herby the Sun online man page for talk:
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Old 08-23-2002
The user you are trying to talk to has to have a terminal window open for talk to work. Try the following command:

talk user@hostname
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