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Old 08-21-2002
Network question


Just need a little help I'm not sure wat I should do.

We have several little networks setup for testing different things. One of these networks we need to have running at full dulpex.

Right now we run 2 hubs (to go off to 2 differnt parts) and they are half dulpex hubs.

Is is possible to get full dulpex hubs? Or would I be better off getting a 24 port switch, getting rid of the 2 hubs now and just move in the 24 port switch. Correct if I'm wrong but doesn't a smart switch sense what connection speed the computer can run at then set the speed at 10 or 100? Or whatever it may be?

Thanks for the advice Smilie
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Old 08-22-2002
I can't say I've ever seen a hub that supports FDX. Just opt for a switch or 2 depending on testing you are performing. (Note that not all switches will support VLAN routing...managed switches will have this functionality, but do check specification). Most switches will auto sense the speed and duplex settings.

One other point is that I have seen issues with auto-negotiate set on Solaris hosts when connected to Cisco switches that are also set to auto-negotiate...the whole thing just gets confused. I have found it is thus best practice to hard set your hosts to 100 FDX if you know it is available.


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