cpio restore - relative pathname

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Old 08-20-2002
cpio restore - relative pathname

SCO/Caldera Unixware 711

Hi Friends,

I have a cpio file which was created using relative pathnames.

the relative pathname is users/data/*

I want to restore these files to a different directory with cpio.
An example restore directory is /home/suresh

Is this possible ?
Can someone please provide syntax.


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Old 08-20-2002
Couldn't you just use the copy or move command?

cp -R pathToCopyFrom pathToCopyTo

For example, after you have restored the files to their respective paths, you could type:

cp -R users/data/* home/suresh


mv pathToMoveFrom pathToMoveTo

mv users/data/* home/suresh

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Old 08-27-2002

Problem is this is a script which will cpio a lot of files and didn't want the extra processing.

I have solved issue using absolute pathnames.


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Old 08-27-2002
If your archive contains relative path names then just go to your new directory (where you whant to extract the files) and enter the cpio command with respective parameters
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Old 08-27-2002
spavlov -

Yeah but if you moved to the new directory and extracted the files, new folders will be created and the files will be stored in /users/data within /home/suresh, and you'd still have to move all the files two levels up into the suresh folder.
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