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Old 08-17-2002
Question Hard Disk partitioning to use UNIX


To run UNIX, can the hard disk be partitioned so I could use that part for UNIX and the other for my existing Windows '98? At the moment there are hard drives C: & D:. Also, where can I obtain the UNIX software?.....Your response is appreciated.
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Old 08-18-2002
there is a free program called FIPS which will repartition your harddrive without damaging any data. you can download fips online, http://www.igd.fhg.de/~aschaefe/fips/ also you can use the search on this website for more info there is alot about this topic. unix is a generic term, there are alot of different 'variants' of unix. most are based either on system v, or the bsd versions. linux is very good, and so are all of the *bsd's (freebsd openbsd netbsd) try linux.com
all of the free unix's you can download an ISO image that you can burn onto cd and then boot from that cd, it makes thing real easy to do like that, and if you are on a network you can then specify to download and install the packages for your system via ftp, most of the installs will give you this option.
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Old 08-18-2002


Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

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