ignoring a dash in file name

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ignoring a dash in file name

so i have a simple file called -x and i need it renamed to x

now i dont understand why when using the most basic methods, only the code
mv ./-x x

changes the file name while using any other type of escape characters around the dash, such as single/double quotations or backslash, doesnt.

anyone? im completely new to unix and this seems out of the ordinary. im sure there is a very obvious answer to this

shouldnt things like mv /-/x x or mv "-"x x work?
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mv -x x passes option -x to command mv. that is not what you are intended to do
mv ./-x x does the job - since you mentioned relative path, which solved the "passing option to the command" problem
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Quoting is to prevent interpretation by the shell, whereas option processing is handled by the program itself. The shell strips and discards quotes, so mv doesn't even see a difference between "-"x and -x (and /-/x is, frankly, neither here nor there).
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i see, thank both of you for clearing this up for me, it is very much appreciated

im sure ill run into you lot more as i go on and on with unix. im the definition of noob at the moment
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and what about using \ ?

mv \-x x <---
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broli: it's the same as quoting; it only prevents interpretation by the shell.

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