BOX Status with vmstat & top Solaris 2.8

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Old 08-13-2002
BOX Status with vmstat & top Solaris 2.8

Hi there,

Im trying to get the information of vmstat & top in two different logfiles.
That not that difficult.

vmstat 30 >> myfile.log
top >> myfile2.log

But I also like to include a timestamp every 30 sec to be sure from what date the logs are.

For the Top command I were able to create a script that works.

#! /bin/ksh

while :
echo `date` >> top_2002_08_06.log
echo " " >> top_2002_08_06.log
top >> top_2002_08_06.log
sleep 30
But for the vmstat that dont work, cause the command never comes back. I helped starting the command direktly from the shell like this:
nohup vmstat 30 >> myfile.log &
and then add hte timestamp like the same
while : [ENTER]
do [ENTER]
echo `date` >> myfile.log [ENTER]
sleep 30 [ENTER]
done & [ENTER]
Any better ideas?


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Old 08-13-2002
Try something like:
vmstat 1 4
which means give me 4 output lines 1 second apart.
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Old 08-14-2002
Thats just the hint I needed.

Thanks perderabo
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