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Old 05-09-2001
what filesystem does unix use? i have a server what had windows loaded on it and when i tried to load a unix image it gives me the error message:
mit_hard0 failed
Fatal error: a critical disk initialization utility has failed on the primary disk
error: /mitram/lib/mit_hd has failed, exiting with state FAIL
im wondering if an image includes the filesystem or simply tries to put the image on the existing filesystem... help Smilie
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Old 05-09-2001
UNIX can use many kinds of filesystems. When a disk partition is mounted, the type of filesystem is specified in the mount command. Types range from specialized filesystem to network filesystems.

You might try looking at the types of filesystems supported by the <B>mount</B> command on your platform. Also, your kernel configuration files will have details on filesystems supported by your UNIX kernel. Many specialized file systems must be compiled into the kernel, so even if the filesystem is supported, it may not be configured or compiled (and will not work).
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