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Old 08-04-2002
elementary newbish :D

hy there.
i've got a damn big problem. first one is about unix and the second one about my bad english. i'm sorry about both Smilie

i'm allready in suse linux and stuff like this. but now i want to install a blank/naked unix on one of my PC's. maybe i've got the wrong thought but i'll tell you what i expect and you can tell me if i'm on the right way Smilie

what i want is a naked unix which supports all of my hardware (suse linux does...) and is ready to run samba on it.

so where can i download something like that? i've allready found "naked" linux with a compileable kernel but if i've got no operating-system ... how should i compile it?

sorry for my extreme dumbness.
maybe you can help
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Old 08-05-2002
you could go with any *BSD pretty much, netbsd freebsd openbsd, and download the ISO image and burn to cd (if you have a cd burner) and boot from that, then what is installed is pretty much a clean system with minimal clutter, then from there you can download the desired packages. you mentioned running all your hardware, for the best hardware compatability, id go with netbsd. take a look at www.netbsd.org
hope that helps.
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