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Old 07-27-2002
Customize CDE

Dear Experts
Could you please advise how can I customize my CDE. I am working with solaris 2.8. As an example I wish to have 3 open xterms after any login to my account also I want to define short keys and change my prompt. Please advise.
Best Regards
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Old 07-27-2002
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Old 07-27-2002
I have tried but it seems the page is not avilable.
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Old 07-31-2002
Try going to Sun Docs and doing the search for CDE use. It should then bring up a page for the different CDE Advanced User's and SA guides.

If you can't even get to the first portion, check your cdrom disks - it may be included in there under "Solaris Common Desktop Environment User Answerbook".
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Old 07-31-2002
Go to /usr/dt/appconfig/appmanager/C/Desktop_Apps and launch the style manager. From there you can change your screen colors, backgrounds, etc. If you want three xterm windows to launch when you log in, simply open three xterm windows, then launch the style manager. From the menu that pops up, select the startup icon and click on "Set Home Session." Also, make sure the "Return to Home session" radio button is selected, then hit "OK." The next time you log in, you will have three xterms already up.

As far as customizing your prompt, you need to change that in your .profile or .login (depending on your shell). If you're using ksh, you change the $PS1 variable in your .profile, if you are using csh change the set prompt line to what you want it to be.
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Old 08-02-2002
Thanks everfybody. I have downloaded some documents from the site and I think now I have enoufh stuff to spend alot of time with them.
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