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Old 07-26-2002

Hi, i am using the ps2dev and cygwin.
Is cygwin the same as uninx??
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Old 07-26-2002
it is an emulator - (is it real or is it Memorex?). sort of like having a moped - is it a motorcycle?
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Old 07-26-2002
Cygwin is an gnu port of "Win32" unix console + tools
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Old 07-26-2002
I know what you were referring to - my answer would be the same - it is an emulator.

It's not a full functioning operating system but a program to give the appearance of a specific OS. You can't boot it.

It will give you the feel of UNIX - but you won't be able to get it all since you are really running from Windows.
Windows isn't multitasking - UNIX is. Cygwin isn't multitasking because it's running on top of Windows.

That's why I mentioned "is it live or is it Memorex?" and riding - it gives the same feel, but it's not the same thing.
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