Xlib: Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1

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Old 07-24-2002
Xlib: Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1


I have a very annoying problem on one of our servers (running Solaris 8). when ever I try to run "xhost +" with the display set at "localhost:0.0" I get the following error:
xhost +

Xlib: connection to "finappprod:0.0" refused by server
Xlib: Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 key
xhost: unable to open display "finappprod:0.0"


I've tried to recreate the /.Xauthority file by doing:

xauth generate $DISPLAY . trusted

but I get the same error. I also found this script on the web:


randomkey=`perl -e 'for (1..4) {
printf("%4.5x", ($seed = int(rand(65536))));
print "\n";'`

xauth add `hostname`/unix:0.0 . $randomkey
xauth add `hostname`:0.0 . $randomkey

This scrip does create the /.Xautority file, but I still get the "Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 " error message when running "xhost +"

Any ideas?

I'm now at a dead end.....
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Old 07-25-2002
I checked on SunSolve - nothing there for your problem that I could find. I also attempted to recreate your issue - could not.

1. Are you logged into the system from the console when doing this?
2. Are you using a local user account, NIS, NIS+?
3. Are you setting localhost:0.0 as the DISPLAY or the system name:0.0? If localhost, is it defined in /etc/hosts?
4. What is your XFILESEARCHPATH equal to?
5. Does this work with other accounts on this system?
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