UNIX Start-up file location

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Old 07-17-2002
UNIX Start-up file location

I would like to know where to find the start-up sequence for UNIX. I would like to find the command that starts the database up and do not know where to look and I'm sure there is a file that contains this info. Where is it???

Thanks in advance.

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Old 07-19-2002
Try one of these - if the output of 'uname -a' could be posted we may be able to help some more.

Startup script locations:

 AIX    FreeBSD   HP-UX      LINUX(RedHat) SOLARIS    Tru64 
/etc/rc /etc/rc   /sbin/rc /etc/rc.d/rc   /etc/rc*.d  /sbin/init.d

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Old 07-22-2002
'uname -a' returns the following:

BEL1 BEL1 4.0 3.0 3441 Pentium III(TM)-ISA/PCI

Checked all locations suggested and came up with nothing.

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Old 07-22-2002
From the perspective of a kernel programmer, at start-up time, unix will mount the root filesystem and then launch the program called init. Exactly what happens next depends on your local version of init. Since you say that you have a System V unix version, you pretty much must have a file called /etc/inittab. And this file will control the start up procedure.

A typical entry in a SunOS inittab is:

which says, as we transistion into run state 3, we will run the script /bin/rc3. And it has other entries for each run-level. By studying those scripts we can learn exactly what they do.

If I really wanted to, I could take a SunOS system and write my own start-up and shutdown scripts. I would just need to change /etc/inittab to point to my own scripts instead of Sun's. This would not be wise, but it is possible. Something like this may have happened on your system. But if you know scripting well, should should be able to track everything down from /etc/inittab. (And if you don't have a /etc/iniitab, study your man page for init to see how it works.)
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