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Old 07-16-2002
Question CHMOD settings

Right, I'm really new to the UNIX stuff, and the main reason for posting is as follows:

I am attempting to install postnuke on the local council webserver. for web server stats search for here and I am being asked to change the CHMOD settings for two of the files to 666 - I am using WS_FTP Pro and there is a right click option for the files which reads:

CHMOD (unix)

Under each option there is the following:

Owner: Read Write Execute
Group: Read Write Execute
Other: Read Write Execute

which do I put checks next to to set it as 666?

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Old 07-16-2002
it's ok - i've sorted it
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Old 07-31-2002
I think: mod 755 is safe than 666:

root@localhost#: chmod 755

Owner: Read Write Excute
Group: Read Excute
Other: Read
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Old 07-31-2002
Originally posted by binhnx2000
I think: mod 755 is safe than 666:

root@localhost#: chmod 755

Owner: Read Write Excute
Group: Read Excute
Other: Read
man chmod !!!!!!!

n     a number from 0 to 7.  An absolute mode  is  con-
                structed  from  the  OR  of  any of the following

                4000  Set user ID on execution.

                20#0  Set group ID on execution if # is 7, 5,  3,
                      or 1.

                      Enable mandatory locking if # is 6,  4,  2,
                      or 0.

                      For directories, files are created with BSD
                      semantics  for propagation of the group ID.
                      With this option, files and  subdirectories
                      created  in the directory inherit the group
                      ID of the directory,  rather  than  of  the
                      current process.  It may be cleared only by
                      using symbolic mode.

                1000  Turn on sticky bit. See chmod(2).

                0400  Allow read by owner.

                0200  Allow write by owner.

                0100  Allow  execute  (search  in  directory)  by

                0700  Allow read, write, and execute (search)  by

                0040  Allow read by group.

                0020  Allow write by group.

                0010  Allow  execute  (search  in  directory)  by

                0070  Allow read, write, and execute (search)  by

                0004  Allow read by others.

                0002  Allow write by others.

                0001  Allow execute (search in directory) by oth-

                0007  Allow read, write, and execute (search)  by

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