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Old 07-15-2002
FTP + bootable CD

Just a simple little quick question I can't work out.

When using FTP (Solaris 7 & sun OS4.x) is there a way to FTP across a directory?

Also anyone know of any up-to-date doc's on how to create a bootable CD? Perfer it to explain how this can be made across 3 CD's worth, ie 1st CD is boot CD and the other 2 CD's would have the rest o the stuff as I know it all wont fit on one CD. I can only find some jumpstart bootable CD manual from SUN.

Thank for the help poeple Smilie


Sorry should have made things a little more clear.

For the bootable CD I want to create one. I want to backup a full system setup the way I have it now and I want to back it up to a CD, well it'll be over several CD's.

FTP question. Well out sys admin finally came clean and told us teh backups aren't working fine. So for a temp solution I'm throwing one of my test computers onto the network and leting users put a copy of there work on that computer.
Will the users have to tar up their stuff or is there a way to FTP a directory? (The O/S's used are above) I don't want to use 3rd party programs.

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Old 07-15-2002
As far as the bootable cd - you should have bootable cd's. SUN supplies the software on cd - At least two should be bootable (Solaris 7 and above). If you didn't get these when you purchased, complain to the folks you purchased from. If you lost them, complain to SUN and usually you can get new copies.

If you are just trying to make copies - sorry, don't know. Our company has always had so many copies that we end up sending them out as part as our D/R plan.

FTP across directories - not sure what you need or want.
If you want to build a exact copy from one system to another - ftp will not build directories but you can tar the structure and files and ftp the tar file (suggest compression be used) and then extract the tar file on the other side. You might be able to build the directory structure by using a ftp client such as cuteFTP but I can't say for sure.
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