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Old 07-14-2002
Question To start login/programms on boot up


I m using SCO V and running 3 different aplications (has different logins) constantly on the server console in 3 different screens.

I want to develop a script which can start the programms on booting the systems. OR If automatic login can be configured on different screens will help me better.

Thanx in advance.

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Old 07-16-2002
This can be very OS dependent. On my HPUX system, you would put a script in /sbin/init.d.

To start up a script at boot time, create a link in the run level directory that you want it to start up at. In my case that is runlevel 3. I would put a link in /sbin/rc3.d linked to the file in /sbin/init.d with an Sxxxfilename. Where xxx is a 3 digit number. and a Kxxxfilename in a lower level run level directory to kill the script as the box shuts down.

Here is an example:

cd /sbin/init.d
touch # you would have a real script here.
cd /sbin/rc3.d
ln /sbin/init.d/

cd /sbin/rc2.d
ln /sbin/init.d/

You will need to look at another script in /sbin/init.d to see how to use the stop and start functionality for this to work. This should be a fairly common standard for most UNIX OSs. The directories may be different but the concept is vaild.

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