copying to a floppy

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Old 07-14-2002
copying to a floppy

how do i copy a file from solaris to a floppy drive. today is my first day using solaris
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Old 07-15-2002
This is on SCO 5.0.5, but should be the same on Solaris I think.

if you want to copy to a dos system.

doscp <filename> a:<filename>

for a unix system

tar cvf /dev/fd0 <filename>

however the device name /dev/fd0 may not be the correct one on your system.

for more details, type

man tar


man doscp

for the manual entries for these commands.
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Old 07-15-2002
What Kevin said was correct.

If though you just want to put say a simple .txt file on a floppy. (example only any UNIX file can go on a floppy)

cp /etc/filename.txt ./ (this is providing your ala ready in the floppy directory and teh floppy is mounted).
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Old 07-15-2002
Solaris does not have doscp. You can mount it using File Manager or the mount command. FM puts it into /floppy - you can copy using the cp command. Also check out the man page on dos2unix and unix2dos for moving files from dos to unix (and back). Mounting manually you may need to stop volmgt (remember to restart it afterwards)

#/etc/init.d/volmgt stop
#mount -F pcfs /dev/diskette /mnt
# ls /mnt

1423 1228 195 87% /floppy/unnamed_floppy

Links to floppy info:
Blank Floppy

Bootable floppy?

mounting floppies
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