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Old 07-11-2002
Connect over ssh, start something, disconnect

i'm connecting with ssh from a windows pc to a linux system. i want to start e.g. a download and close my session afterwards. how do i do this without killing the download?

thx in advance.
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Old 07-11-2002
several options:

Put it in the background and make sure it doesn't respond to the Hang-Up signal:

$ nohup wget &

Or, you can use a program called 'screen':

$ screen
$ wget

Once your download starts, tell screen to disconnect by typing Ctrl-a Ctrl-d. The job will continue to run and you may log out. You may reconnect at a later time and type 'screen -r' to reconnect. See the screen man page for more info.
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Old 07-12-2002
cool, thx.
screen is a nice prog.
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