A Challenging Situation : i hope the moderators will respond to this problem..

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Old 07-07-2002
Data A Challenging Situation : i hope the moderators will respond to this problem..

I have the following situation :

i have 4 Unix Sco servers, one Windows 2000 server, and an ADSL internet connection. All the servers, that is the 4 unix and the windows server have real static IPs supplied by my ISP.

the servers are connected to a Switch , the switch is connected to an ADSL Alcatel SpeedTouch 510 router, which in turn is connected to the telephone line. the Router has a real static IP gateway.

if i log into one of my local unix servers, i can telnet and ftp to another unix server in another country(another network), BUT here is the problem : i can ping from that remote server all of my local unix servers, but i cannot telnet ot ftp or rlogin to any of them, so why is that?? if a remote server can ping my local servers why cant the remote server ftp or telnet or rlogin my local servers????? is it possible that my isp should enable the specific ports for telnet and ftp and rlogin???? or is it a problem related to some Unix Sco netywork configuration in my local servers???

i would appreciate ur help
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Old 07-08-2002
Unfortunately, I don't know SCO but you might look to see if it uses /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny. It may be that those two files don't allow the network that your remote server is on to do telnet or ftp to your local servers.

Post back and maybe someone with SCO knowledge will jump in.
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Old 07-08-2002
have a look at the contents of /.rhosts & /etc/hosts on the remote machine. If you have a server name in /.rhosts & the ip address & server name in /etc/hosts you should be able to ftp to the server


/.rhosts contains


/etc/hosts contains aservername

then do

ftp aservername to connect.

If this doesn't work, post back with the error message.
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