Log files duplicated themselves?

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Old 07-01-2002
Log files duplicated themselves?

Something strange happend today, I checked in /var/log has usual and I noticed that I have a "messages.1", "cron.1" "maillog.1", and so on. This has never happened before so I just want to know if this is normal? Before I always had "messages" "maillog" and "cron" but now I have 2 of each file. whats going on?
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Old 07-01-2002
This is due to rotation log.
Depending of configuration, the log file change every week or month, or if it grow up above a limit size. It can generate backup of the old data in files named file.1, file.2,etc...
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Old 07-01-2002
Is it ok to delete the first logs then?
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Old 07-01-2002
This depend of your log strategy ? Do you want to conserve log for a month or not ? This is rotate, so when you arrive to four (in a lot of case) the .1 is replace, then .2, etc....
You must check one by one the config files for the corresponding log to change the policies, it is better than delete the files .
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Old 07-01-2002
Ok, thanks for your help.Smilie
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