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Old 06-28-2002
Data Server ,and CHMOD


I have one problem :

COMMAND:> SITE CHMOD 755 snowMailPerl.cgi
500 Unknown command.

What's wrong with my server ,and what I can do ?
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Old 06-28-2002
A few details would help. But you seem to be asking a question about an ftp server. First, it is exactly correct to say that there is anything wrong with your ftp server. The RFC's which govern the behavior of ftp servers do not require that a server implement the SITE command. And even if the SITE command is implemented, "SITE CHMOD" is not required to be implemented. If a server gets acommand that it doesn't understand, it must respond with "500 <some reasonable text>". So your server is not broken or anything, it just doesn't have a feature that you would like.

Some ftp server programs do have a way to add commands to the list of SITE commands, some don't. And even for those that do, the details vary. Review the documentation for your ftp server and see there is anything on this. You may need to upgrade to a new ftp server that has this capability.

Please note that we can give more specific responses you would tell us stuff like: what computer are you using? what os? what ftp server?
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