DNS/BIND question, is it ze germans?

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Old 06-25-2002
Question DNS/BIND question, is it ze germans?

First some back ground info:
I am working on a computer running SuSE 7.3
I am still trying to set up a DNS

I downloaded BIND 9.2.1 and was following a tutorial about BIND. It said at virtually the start of the tutorial that I should find a file called named.conf in my /etc directory. Yes, I did a ./ configure and a make, and a make install, so I should have installed everything needed. I then began to wonder if perhaps the tutorial was pretaning to and older version of BIND that may be different. I therefore did a make clean and installed BIND 9.0.0. When a do a located named.conf it finds it, but only in the BIND directory in my home drive, not in /etc. When I pipe the locate into a grep -v 'home/my directory' it shows up no where. Is this just SuSE being werid? Or have I done something wrong.

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Old 06-25-2002
Is this tutorial on the web or in a book?

The latest "DNS & Bind" book has information on Bind version 9, version 8, and version 4.

Version 8 is probably what your tutorial is talking about. It may be written as an upgrade to an older version of 8 (the statement about /etc/named.conf being there).

I would NOT put an older version 9. Use the newer version or use the latest version of 8. Version 4 is ONLY for system that could not be upgraded due to older applications.
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