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Old 06-24-2002
Question partition Magic disk

How do I get a partition magic disk or a disk to create a non-DOS partition?

:*: c0ldzer0 :*:
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Old 06-24-2002
Partition Magic, you can get it/purchase it in retail shops. The latest is Ver 7.0 (i guess). It able to create non-dos and dos partition.
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Old 06-26-2002
Question Partition Magic Disk

Can I download it anywhere?
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Old 06-26-2002
You cannot download.But can buy from local Best Buy or CompUsa etc. or from directly.
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Old 06-26-2002
with older versions, you also got a DOS program called pqmagict.exe if you bought partition magic. I have it on my partition magic 4 disk, but it did not come with my sister's partition magic 6 (i don't hink it did anyway).

It is the best nondestructive partitioning tool i have ever used, and needs to run in Real DOS.

I noticed that partition magic 5 was abandonware, however i have not heard a thing about partition magic 4, i can only assume it is not legal than for me to distribute a copy of pqmagict.exe (although i do not see the harm) it is about 1Mb in size and i am thinking of hosting it somewhere for a day or two so i may do that. Otherwise, you might be better just to search for the name pqmagict online.

i don't endorse warez by the way and i would urge you to actually pay for partition magic if you can afford to, as it is very good. However, if i were you i would want an older version with this fantastic DOS toll on the CD, i never actually use partition magic itself now.
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