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Old 06-23-2002
find function

I was trying the following "find" command to search for a particular file in UNIX directories:

find / -name <filename> -print

Result on the screen appears like:

find: cannot open <..>
..permission denied

Is there any way, I could avoid these type of search results and only see the correct file?

Pravin Kumar
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Old 06-24-2002
Use what you have putting '2 > /dev/null' on the end.

This puts the STD ERR (errors) into /dev/null....the big 'black hole' of unix.

There is the option to put STD OUT to /dev/null as well....but you want to see the output - so not good for this example.

If you weren't intereseted in getting any output from a command (either errors or output - then you could use 2>&1 >/dev/null.

This pipes std error to std out - then puts it all to dev null.
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Old 06-24-2002
Im sure you can use:

find . -name "*.[ch]"
- find all files with the extensions .c and .h, starting at the current point in the directory hierarchy:

find . -name "*.Z" -mtime 3
- find all files which have the extension .Z and which were last modified three days ago:

Also try man find on your system. Im sure you doesnt need a poll for this question.
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