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Old 06-23-2002
Transfering files

Hi all.

1. How can i copy files from one unix system to another. should i use ftp? so How?

2. How can i create an archive whose extention is tar.gz? and how can i decompress them later?

3. WHat is RPM ? what does it stands for?

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Old 06-23-2002
First question... yes you shuold use ftp... as to how to do this - you'll have to read the man page..this will give you all the detail you need. 'man ftp' create tar.gz archives... you first need to tar the files together and then gzip them together. Once again the commands for tar and gzip are in the man page.....and gunzip will allow you to unzip. (tar is used to compress and expand..the different commands each are detailed in man.)

RPM..."RPM is the RPM Package Manager. It is an open packaging system available for anyone to use. It allows users to take source code for new software and package it into source and binary form such that binaries can be easily installed and tracked and source can be rebuilt easily. It also maintains a database of all packages and their files that can be used for verifying packages and querying for information about files and/or packages. " From
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Old 06-25-2002
Power Really thanx

Thanks .

I will try the examples to learn more.

I'd love to learn Unix. You and friends in this forum helps me much. After i become a UNIX MASTER i will also help newbies

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Old 06-25-2002
You should only use ftp if you are going to be sending data from one unix server to another unix server if you are not overly concerned with security (ie, closed intranet). If you transfering data from one unix server to another unix server across the internet then you want to avoid ftp due to security concerns.

If you will be sending data via internet then you want to look into the programs sftp (secure ftp) and scp (secure copy) that piggy back into SSH (secure shell).
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Old 06-25-2002
rcp and .rhosts for secure env

If you are in a trusted environment (IE. same building or same network AND inside firewall), you can even use rcp, but both boxes must have each other defined in their .rhosts file.

rcp </path/to/sourcefile> destbox:/path/to/destfile

You must be in a trusted mode for this to be secure!!!

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Old 06-26-2002
Re: rcp and .rhosts for secure env

Originally posted by Kelam_Magnus
You must be in a trusted mode for this to be secure!!!
I take off my aluminum hat for nobody! Smilie

I have gotten a lot of good use out of SSH and my network here at the house. Under Win32 I use pscp for copying stuff back and forth a lot and putty for console access. I also use putty to open secure shell tunnels for access to the proxy server under OpenBSD. Works like a charm!

Kelam, do you ever attend the DFWUUG that take place in Dallas? I should since they meet at my work location but it seems that my classes always fall on Tuesday and Thursday so I can't get to the DFWUUG or the Perlmonger meetings. I think it is a consipiracy (hence the need for the aluminum hat).
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