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Old 06-21-2002
Question Linux

In order to install Linux what do I have to do.
Is there an install program or just copy the files to a blank hard drive and boot from the drive?

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Old 06-21-2002
I assume you want to load this on a box with Windows. You will need around 4-6 GB of space to make it comfortable.

Most versions, like Linux Mandrake come with a Partition magic disk that will help you create a non-dos Linux partition.

First you should defrag your system to make sure everything is off the "upper" end of your disk. Then use the Linux Partition Magic tool. May not come with all Linux versions for PC.

Then when you reboot, you should have the CD and the disk in their drives so you can configure the system.

You can create a LILO boot disk if you don't want to use the dual boot feature. I perfer this way. All you do is inser the disk and boot. it will come up on Linux instead of Windows.

Here is a link regarding filesystem sizes.
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Old 06-21-2002
Question LILO Disk

How do i go about getting or making a LILO disk?
Can I install Linux on a blank drive?
Where can I get the Linux Partition Magic tool?
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Old 06-21-2002
Buy it, Load it, Report back...

Please read my post again. Linux Mandrake "comes with it",in most cases. In some cases you can buy one or both at a local Bookstore.

A LILO disk is created while you are installing the OS. You are instructed to do so by the install program for Linux.

Yes you can install on a blank disk.

First you need to go to a bookstore or better a Computer Store in your area and talk to someone there about the different Distributions for Linux.

Or you can search for it.

Buy either Mandrake or RedHat. They are two of the best versions.

Buy it, Load it, Report back...

Smilie Smilie
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Old 06-21-2002
Question Installation of REDHAT Linux

Ok, I already dowloaded redhat linux but i cant find the install program on any of the discs. So I can't run setup to make the disc. So, what do I do. I appreciate you helping me.

:*: c0ldzer0 :*:
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Old 06-21-2002
Now you might actually do a search of this site for other occurences of Redhat references.

You should need to make a boot install disk to get you started, but I am not sure.

Go here and look at other posts for your help.

Smilie Smilie
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Old 06-22-2002
As a tips. Do remember that Linux is an OS it wont appear as a Setup file when once you downloaded it. Im sure the file will be in a form of image file. *.iso You have to force it to boot at the startup of your system to make the installation process begin.

Do search the forum

{Linux Install}

There is over 235 submissions over there, hope one of your doubt can be seen on either of it.
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