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Old 06-19-2002
Question Auto indent in vi


I use vi for my text editing. Is there a way to use smart indentation?
that is when adding a '{' or '}' that the editor will jump and advance, or any other thing like that?

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Old 06-19-2002
use :set tabstop=N

I know that you can use a setting called tabstop.

First, do a " :set all" to see the settings. Then do a " :set tabstop=N" where N is some number.

This will allow you to use the tab in edit mode to advance N spaces.

I know there is a way to set hot keys for certain actions or words but can't remember right now. I know it has been addressed before on this site.

There is a pamphlet and a book as well about VI from O'Reilly which are both very good.

Here is one link that may help as well.

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