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Incorrect Directory Name

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Old 06-13-2002
Network Incorrect Directory Name


Can anyone help me. I have a problem when i try to find a particular directory using one enviroment, but it can find it in another.

We have two enviroments ias9i and 9iAS

when we run ldd -s filename for a particular file, the file is found but the directory is marked as ignore with "Insecure directory name"

Does anyone know what this is.

Julian Smilie
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Old 06-19-2002
I don't see what OS you are running. Also, I don't recognize those environments. Here are a few questions.

However, it would help if you can post what is different about each environment. Are you running one as Root and another as a user? Are the permissions on the directory unusual?

It would help if you can possibly give the name of the directory. Is it a UNIX OS directory or created by you?

I will try to find some documentation on this...

Here I found this site. It is for HPUX, but I am sure it is fairly similar for your OS.'s%20Guide

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