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Old 06-06-2002
Question Kicking users off


how do i kick users off line.

when i type w i see
Mike pts/0 leg-64 11:28pm 0.00s 0.15s 0.01s w
root pts/1 :0 11:31pm 1:13 0.06s 0.02s vi /etc/ftpaccess

i want to boot Mike do i do that?

many thanks
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Old 06-06-2002
try :

fuser -k /dev/pts/0

I hope help you...

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Old 06-06-2002
i dunt think so. The -k option only works on processes. If the user is the kernel, fuser will print an advice, but take no action
beyond that. One way (the best way) to kick the user out from the System is to write a script in Csh or Ksh and set it on the root directory. Might help
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Old 06-06-2002
MySQL kick user off


who -u

this will list users logged on system including their process id(pid) on colume 7

then issue

kill -9 (pid)
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Old 06-06-2002
You could always identify the pid of the shell being used on the terminal and then kill the shell. It's a tad bit abrupt, though.
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Old 06-06-2002
Dammit, why does everyone always use kill -9 first? That would bother the hell out of me if you were on my system...

Anyways, depending on the reason (if you wanted everyone out for system maint or backups), you might want to look into going into single-user mode.

If you're just trying to be a jerk, try:
kill -9 0

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