How to set the CVSROOT in the .cshrc file?

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Old 06-05-2002
Data How to set the CVSROOT in the .cshrc file?

I am learning the CVS in Unix now, but in the book it said I need to add the CVSROOT to the end of the .cshrc file. I had use emacs to edit it and add CVSROOT=/CVS, but when I run script .cshrc then it said CVSROOT=/CVS: Command not found. I had already think that for a hour, so could any person could help me? Thx
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Old 06-05-2002
The csh syntax to set an environment variable is like this:

Put that line in your .cshrc file. Actually, if I used csh, I would put it in my .login file. The .login file is executed once at login time and once an environment variable is set there is no need to keep resetting it. But putting it .cshrc will work.
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