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Old 06-04-2002
Data xterm SHIFT crazy

hi all, when I press SHIFT at once it work like as
I've hold it (like CapsLock is On, but it Off) ! ... and if I press F1 (or another
function key) it put out 24z Smilie
it is occure on my remote sun 8 , xterm session
help me please !
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Old 06-04-2002
If you have another keyboard, try it. Your original may be bad.
If not, then clean out the one you have.

Also look at the terminal settings - probably best to have vt100 picked for terminal emulation. Also set this when you log into the system
csh - setenv TERM vt100
sh or ksh - TERM=vt100;export TERM
(sometimes export TERM=vt100 will work instead)
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Old 06-05-2002
keyboard is OK, another apps (local xterm too) work good,
unfortunatly "setenv TERM vt100" doesn't help
anyway thank you
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