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Old 04-17-2001
How can I get the syatem to give me the days since 1970 (as seen in the shadow file)?
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Old 04-17-2001
perl  -e  ' $days=int(time()/86400);    print $days; '
will do the trick.

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Old 04-18-2001
Originally posted by mib
[B]perl  -e  ' $days=int(time()/86400);    print $days; '
will do the trick.
Hmmm. I tried the perl command for fun and got:

www# perl  -e  ' $days=int(time()/86400);    print $days; '
www# www#

Maybe missing a \n (newline)?
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Old 04-18-2001
perl -e ' $days=int(time()/86400);print "$days\n"; '

is slightly more correct, but the example given should work (and does for me).

Or save a variable and do:
perl -e 'print int(time()/86400)."\n"'

Or do it in your shell:

let a=`date +%s`/86400 ; echo $a

(requires GNU date)

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Old 04-18-2001
Works on our linux platforms with the newline:

www# perl -e ' $days=int(time()/86400);print "$days\n"; '                    

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