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Old 05-28-2002

i had antivirus program in my dell box , with personal fire wall.
thanx alot
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DUMP_SOCKDFR(8) 					      System Manager's Manual						   DUMP_SOCKDFR(8)

dump_sockdfr - Display contents of frozen route file for SOCKS server SYNOPSIS
dump_sockdfr [infile] DESCRIPTION
dump_sockdfr reads in a frozen route file for the SOCKS server and produces a listing of its contents on the standard output. The argument is optional; if omitted, /etc/ is assumed. The frozen route file is produced by make_sockdfr and is essentially the memory image of the parsed route file. Using the frozen route file can reduce the start-up delay of the SOCKS server program since it no longer has to parse the file contents. When the SOCKS server starts, it always looks for the frozen route file /etc/ first. If that file is not found, it then tries to use the plain-text route file /etc/sockd.route. If you use frozen route file, you must remember to run make_sockdfr every time after you modify the plain-text file or the SOCKS server will continue to use the frozen version of a previous route file. FILES
/etc/, /etc/sockd.route SEE ALSO
make_sockdfr(8),, sockd.route(5) AUTHOR
Ying-Da Lee, or May 6, 1996 DUMP_SOCKDFR(8)

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