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Old 05-24-2002
Java compare text files

This may be the 3rd time I'm posting this question. I'm so new here that I'm not even sure how to post!

I'm trying to compare two files but can't do a line by line comparison so comm and diff are out. I've been told that I would need to use the awk programing language. I've looked up what I could on this subject but can't get anywhere. Here's what I'm trying to do:

File1 is the master file. I want to compare File2 to File1 and list all the items not in file2 that are in File1. Any help would greatly be appriciated.

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Old 05-24-2002

Why can't you do a line by line comparison?

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Old 05-24-2002
Because the lines are all different. Every line will show a discrepancy. Basically, I have a master list of names (File1) and I'm comparing a 2nd list (File2) which may or may not have the names of File1 in it. I want to know which names are missing in File2 comparing it against File1. Ideally, all the names in File1 should be in File2 but that isn't the case. There is also other stuff in File2 so all the lines in both files are different. I hope I'm describing this properly.

Jimmy Smilie
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Old 05-24-2002
Hi Jimmy,

I think I get what you mean.

say file1 is:


and file2 is:

hello FRED
hi there
PETE was here
hello STEVE

Using the script:
while read name
   while read line
      echo $line | grep $name >/dev/null
      if [ $? -eq 0 ]
         echo $name found in file2
   done < file2
   if [ $found = "no" ]
      echo $name not found in file2
done < file1

You will get the output:

HELEN not found in file2
JOE found in file2
FRED found in file2
HARRY found in file2
TERRY not found in file2

Let me know if this helps.


added code tags for readability --oombera

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Old 05-24-2002
Hello Hellen,

It seems to be working! Thank you so much. I'm going to really give it a work out. You're the best!


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Old 05-24-2002
Glad I could help, Jimmy!

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Old 05-28-2002
Helen if you're out there, 2nd question.

Hello Helen,

Your script for my original question does work except that I only want to see what is not in file2. You have it reporting yes and no for file2. I might add that these files I'm referring to are huge so, again, I'm only asking to know what is NOT in file2 only. I'm going to continue to play around with your script in the meanwhile. Thanks.

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