small unix!

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Old 05-22-2002
small unix!

i'm looking to put a very minimal unix on a 386 i just acquired. it needs to be downloadable and i need to install it using 3.5 floppies!

thanks for suggestions,
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Old 05-22-2002
for the installation on a diskett, im not too sure. But you can check in the webpage , im not so sure if the download files are big. Also would like to suggest to you as buying the OS (cdrom)is better then installing thru downloads or diskett.

Do check the FAQ of this forum for more information.
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Old 05-22-2002

Those are two choices that are fairly popular.
I've used tomsrtbt many many times in recovery situations, in addition to just being for fun...
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Old 05-22-2002

picoBSD is my choice for a single disk version. Check it out at
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Old 05-22-2002
Does it have to run off 3.5 inch floppy or just use 3.5 inch floppy for the installation medium?

If you broadband and a NIC you can select from several different BSD systems as well as Linux systems.

You can check out this page for installation of FreeBSD via 3.5 inch floppies and FTP:
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