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Old 05-17-2002
unix toolkit for VB

How can i have a VB program use Unix technology to print to a Dazzle print server? In other words I have text files that I want to use a VB program I'm writing thats on our windows 2000 nt side print and move text to our Unix server to a Unix Dazzle print server? Also do I need to download any tools for VB to make use of the Unix environment?
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Old 05-17-2002
VB and UNIX? I don't think they are competible. I might be wrong.
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Old 05-19-2002
Yes the guessing game is correct, I pick up an article on the Internet it states till today most of the kernel updates doesnt really fit the function of VB Inside. As most of us know VB is a win32 app. So it doesnt really get work with unix. But there is similiar program then VB in Unix, which is Perl. Perl is much a like too VB, the codes must vary but the way is almost the same. Perhaps in future they would get it attched with VB and unix, but for now i do think its impossible. Try on Perl instead..
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Old 05-20-2002
Question Thanks

I was thinking of using Pearl to make this happen. I'm happy you were able to help me. What web sites in your opinion have good examples of pearl to look at? What I want to do with Pearl now is move through 2 text documents and pick out a couple of numbers in both and compare the two numbers and display whether the numbers in the 2 text documents was a match or not, on a new text pad. I would also like this to find all folders named 'compare' on the server and compare the 2 text files in each folder then move to the next 'compare' folder. I'm not sure if this would be complicated for pearl but pearl does seem to do this better than XML or VB. Thanks for any help you can offer!

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Old 05-20-2002
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Old 05-21-2002
Regardless of the application used to print, you'd just have to set your Unix server up as a print server. You can use Samba on the Unix end to print like windows, or you can buy third-party solutions on the windows side to allow windows to "talk" to your Unix print server. We have a good number of documents that print from Unix machines to printers on windows shares set up here - it's not too large of a hassle to do.
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Old 05-21-2002
Tools ok

Thanks for the tutorial site it is set up nicely to learn PERL. As far as Samba, that is something I had in mind and you helped make me decide to use it for this project. So if I have a VB application that simply renames files and prints them, will I be able to have it print files that are on the Samba drive to the UNIX Dazzle Print server? If this is possible that would be great! If you can tell me how to do this I would be very grateful. Thanks for your help, you Unix guys are much cooler than the Windows people.
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