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Old 05-13-2002
Question URGENT : fsck in HPUX

I have an urgent solution for a problem with the HP Unix workstation.
I am not able to check the file system for a particular volume.
when i tried with
$> fsck -o full /dev/vg00/rlvol9
full file system check required... exiting...

How do i recover the file system for this situation.

Best Regards,
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Old 05-13-2002

I believe that you need to umount this filesytem before you can fix the raw Logical Volume.Here is a link that details your exact problem. BTW, this website www.itrc.hp.com will help you answer specific HPUX questions.


Here is the man page entry.

-o Specify VxFS file system specific options. These
options can be a combination of the following in a

comma-separated list:

full Perform a full file system check. The default is
to perform an intent log replay only. Since the
VxFS file system maintains an intent log, a
complete check is generally not required. If the
file system detects damage or the log replay
operation detects damage, an indication that a
complete check is required is placed in the
super-block, and a full check is performed.
nolog Do not perform log replay. This option may be
used if the log area was physically damaged.

When a full check is performed, the following inconsistencies are checked:

+ Blocks claimed by more than one inode or the free list.

+ Blocks claimed by an inode outside the range of the file

+ Incorrect link counts.

+ Size checks:
- Incorrect number of blocks.
- Directory entry format.

+ Bad inode format.

+ Blocks not accounted for anywhere.

+ Directory checks:
- File pointing to unallocated inode.
- Inode number out of range.
- Linkage to parent directory.
- Hash chain linkage.
- Free space count.

+ Super-block checks:
- Checksum mismatch.
- More blocks for inodes than there are in the file

+ Structural Files:
- Fileset headers.
- Object Location Table (OLT).
- Inode list files.
- Inode allocation summary files.
- Attribute files (including Access Control Lists).
- Attribute link counts.

+ Bad free block list format.
+ Total free block and/or free inode count incorrect.

Orphaned files and directories (allocated but unreferenced) are, with the user's concurrence, reconnected by placing them in the lost+found directory. The name assigned is the inode number. The only restriction is that the directory lost+found must already exist in the[COLOR=skyblue]
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Old 05-13-2002
What type of filesystem is it? "-o full" is only for vxfs.
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Old 05-14-2002
Thanks Kelam_Magnus and Perderabo,
Here I do tried all those options to get rid of the problem. But the same error message is returned.
Perderabo : its vxFs file system only.
I thank you for your valuable response.

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Old 05-14-2002
In that case I would suspect that your fsck is broken. Have you installed the recommended patches?
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