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Old 05-08-2002
MySQL Command to use a printer

Does anyone know a command that can print out what is displayed on a screen at a given time?
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Old 05-08-2002
I don't know. It would be nice if i could only use my printer! if you have it set up, could you tell me how? (sory for posting a question, but I really need this info)
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Old 05-08-2002
Many keyboards have the print screen button . you can try using that.
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Old 05-09-2002
I sometimes press "Print Screen", open a Word doc, paste it, and resize and take a print out. You get the whole desktop view in this case. If you need only the current active window to be printed, press "Alt-PrintScreen" and go ahead. Sorry....This might be a round-about way too.
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Old 05-09-2002

I think it is

lpr "location of your printer" "name of file"

Of the top of my head...havent used it for sometime...
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Old 05-11-2002
Guyreg, what type of Unix are you using?
You can find out by using the command "uname -a".

On Linux systems (not sure about others), you can use the /dev/vcs* terminal memory device...
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