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Hi does anyone know what $NS_SOCKS is? When I try and load netscape I get a message cannot find server this is because I have not been able to figure out how to change the IP address for my system. Then I get a message saying may or maynot have to set $NS_SOCKS, contact administrator, I am the administrator I guess and have no clue what $NS_SOCKS is. If anyone know's what it is and what I must do to set it please let me know, thank you. I'm using Red Hat Linux version 7.
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You use NS_SOCKS when you are using a SOCKS server to access the internet. If this applies to you then you should either set this variable, or make the appropriate changes within netscape's preferences menu. If this doe snot apply to you, it is simply informing you that it can't connect to the 'net, and offering one possible solution.
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Oh ok thanks for all the good information PxT, I hope one day I can return the favor.


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