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Old 05-06-2002
Perl scripting

Can anyone help .....
I am prettey new to perl but would like to do the following :- write a script that would open one or more log files and select a few lines from each and create a new file with the selected lines from the logs.
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Old 05-07-2002
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[Snipped by LivinFree]
Crawler - that was innapropriate.

It was counter-productive and a waste of time.

"A little knowledge is a scary thing"

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Old 05-09-2002
Okay, what have you got so far? Let's see some code?

Being new to Perl does not get free scripts for you. People know how to do that because they learned Perl.

Here's a hint though:
prompt$ perldoc -f open

prompt$ perldoc FileHandle

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Old 05-10-2002
Re: kiddie...

Originally posted by crawler
Serious... take a look at your question again. What you're really asking is for someone to script something for you. That, buddy, is LAME. So my suggestion is... goto the library, borrow a book called "Learning Perl" by Randal L. Schwartz and Tom Christiansen (ISBN 1-5692-284-0) and <b>Learn</b> it. Then, you can script the program that you wanted yourself.

while (<>){
print "...japh...";
ur calling him lame? what's up with the <b> , </b>? Smilie just kidding! no offence, i just like to deflate bubles. you don't have to do the script for him, just give examples! think of it as a compliment that he seeks out your vast wisdom!
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Old 05-20-2002
Power Perl Script - Reading log files

Basically you will need to load the log file entirely into an array, or line by line because you are looking to separate items. The file system of perl in not very efficient, but nonetheless, what you ask for is VERY easy, VERY common and VERY obvious in the books, texts and examples. If you get stuck, let me know, happy to TEACH but not DO IT FOR YOU......

Depending on your OS, you may NOT be able to follow some of the former advice, or, it may be to your advantage, again, this depends on your os, not perl..... i.e. OSX, AIX, UNIX5,WIN2K,Linux,DOS, and also how your server is set up, is this under an Apache or IIS server or all by it's lonesome...

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