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Old 05-02-2002
Data Set CP_ROOT.

Hi There,

I have a problem on one of my Solaris 8 servers. It is running an application at the moment of which all of the files are completely owned by one user. I need to run a specific tool from this application to see how many users are logged in etc under my own user ID and not the owners. I have SUID and SGID on this particular executable that I want to run and I am also a member of the group which has execute rights on the file. The following is the permissions of the file:

file -rwsr-s---

When I run the file though it gives me the following error message:

CP_ROOT is not set. Set CP_ROOT in the shell environment or in $HOME/.cprc and rerun 3.

I have looked on the net for an answer to this and have come up with nothing. Does anyone have an idea what 'set CP_ROOT' is or have any idea how I could otherwise run this executable under my own user ID??
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Old 05-02-2002
CP_ROOT is not set. Set CP_ROOT in the shell environment or in $HOME/.cprc and rerun 3
I don't know a thing about this and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn last night. On the other hand, I do know that applications like to know where to start from. Many use XXX_HOME or some variation. This application (which you should have posted what it was OR mention you can't because of security) is looking for where it's root directory is. This may be /opt/MYAPP (replace MYAPP with your apps name) or some other directory.

Just set your ENV Variable CP_ROOT to the top directory of the application and it will probably work (or give you another error stating it didn't work or it wants more variables set).

For a quick inspection of this, check the .profile of the userID that you wrote owns all the files OR see if that user has a .cprc file. I'll bet that it has all the variables set up in one of these.
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Old 05-02-2002

Thanks for that thehoghunter,

I will check that out. Sorry I couldn't be more specific about the application being used but that's for security reasons. Thanks.
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Old 05-02-2002
No problem - post back after you check if you don't get the point.

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