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Old 04-26-2002
Question sed/awk String problem

I would appreciate it if any one can guide me in using awk perhaps sed in extracting some values from a long string.

here is an example.
.......some lines here........
........ aaaa bbbb cccc ddddd eeeee fffff gggg (time:hhhh)........
......some lines here also..........

How can I extract bbbb, eeee, hhhh from multiple lines in a single transaction? the position of these values varies

Smilie odogbolu98
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Old 04-27-2002
The following awk program locates lines that have a field that starts with (time:. Fields are separated with whitespace. Once located, it assumes that bbbb is 6 fields prior and eeee is 3 fields prior. If there are not 6 fields or 3 fields prior, it will assign "NULL". I don't know what output you want. Currently, it prints b=bbbb e=eeeee h=hhhh. All qualifying lines are processed. If you want only one, we can make it exit after processing the first line.
awk '/\(time:/ {
for (hloc=1;hloc<=NF;hloc++)
    if (substr($hloc,1,6)=="(time:")
       if (hloc<=6)
       if (hloc<=3)
       print "b=" b "  e=" e "  h=" h}
}' odog.txt
exit 0

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Old 05-03-2002
awk/Sed String Problem

Thanks Jimbo for your contribution, that was helpful in pointing me in the right direction.

Keep up the good work.

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