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Old 04-26-2002
Question Linux help on X and motd

Hie guys
im new to Unix. Need some advise or favour perhaps. Iam running Red hat Linux 7.2 and as soon as i install with GUI and so done, i reboot the system. After i reboot it directly went to the GUI login. I able to login and do my stuffs. My question is how to hold the system not to directly go to GUI login and instead of it i can use the system without X. I want it to be temprorary use. I dunt want it to become permanent without GUI. I done before last time but forgot it (Start Linux without X by pressing some keys). Any idea?

Second question.
How to set motd for my users? I use root and i edit the file /etc/motd. as soon as done and i change the permission no motd comes up durring boot any idea ? Does it needs no X GUI to start motd ?

Appreciate all the Unix gurus help. Do help this small Unix learner a bit Smilie

Thank you.
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Old 04-29-2002
If you want to start without loading X, edit /etc/inittab and change the default run-level to 2. Alternately you can get to a plain console login prompt by pushing Ctrl-Alt-F1 from within X.

The MOTD is traditionally displayed after you enter your username and password, not during boot. If you would like to have a mesage displayed above the "login" prompt at the console, edit /etc/issue.
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Old 04-29-2002
Hie PxT thanx for your help. really appreciate the X console part. It worked Smilie . But for the MOTD part im still confused. Let say as soon as my system booted i try to enter my username and password in. It just goes to the main desktop without displaying the motd. Even after i edit the file /etc/issue as u suggested. any idea. Appreciate this help too.

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Old 04-30-2002
Keywords were "at the console". The MOTD will not be displayed when you login to X. It will usually be displayed when you open an xterm. If you want a message to display when you login to X, you will need to put something in the .xinitrc to pop-up a message.
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Old 05-02-2002
You can try xmotd

Its a pop-up motd running on X as soon as you login your account. Do read the software readme file first for supporting hardware and Etc.
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