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Old 04-25-2002
Question Editors for UNIX

Where can i find editors for UNIX?
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Old 04-25-2002
what kind of editor youŽre looking for?

Normally a texteditor like vi is installed on every system often youŽll find emacs installed as well.

Just try:

vi mytext.txt


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Old 04-25-2002

emacs, nedit are other editors for unix shell.
nedit is available free
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Old 04-25-2002
Hi this is an old posting from killserv dated in y2k Smilie

If youŽre looking for an editor to highlight syntax - read this Smilie


Latest version of vi text editor uses color codes.
The latest version is called vim (some called gvim)
you might want to check out its webpage www.vim.org


Syntax Coloring:
Vim shows text in color - according to its "(programming) language".
You can define the "language" ("syntax") of the files yourself.

Vim comes with 200+ syntax files for colorizing text in
common programming languages (Ada, C, C++, Eiffel, Fortran,
Haskell, Java, Lisp, Modula, Pascal, Prolog, Python,
Scheme, Smalltalk, SQL, Verilog, VisualBasic),
math programs (Maple, Matlab, Mathematica, SAS), markup text
(DocBook, HTML, LaTeX, PostScript, SGML-LinuxDoc, TeX, WML, XML),
program output (diff, man), setup files of programs (4DOS, Apache,
autoconfig, BibTeX, CSS, CVS, elm, IDL, LILO, pine, procmail, samba, slrn),
shell scripts and setups (shells: sh, bash, csh, ksh, zsh),
script languages (awk, Perl, sed, yacc)
system files (printcap, .Xdefaults) and
of course for Vim and its helptexts.
courtesy of vim.org
Original-by: Sven Guckes guckes@vim.org



Sometimes it makes sence just to search the forum Smilie

SCNR ;-)
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Old 04-25-2002
I can't make this recommendation strong enough so I'll simply type it in two bold capital letters:

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Old 04-25-2002
Well as everyone has said what type of editor you want?

Me I go with VI only reason it's on all platforms and you don't need to carry a copy with you. So it's very handy to know VI.
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