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Old 04-21-2002
low RAM

Hy, I've an 486 dx2 laptop an I want to run unix on it, the problem is it has only 4 megabytes of ram, so my question is; does anybody know an unix based OS which runs with only 4 mb?

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Old 04-21-2002
almost any linux will run on it. But the problem is it will be slow. i suggest you do not run X so no gui. your linux machine need some swap to install. so your linux distribution will ask you to enable the swap partition during install.
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Old 04-21-2002
thank u

I Tried debien because I can install it from 1.44 mb disks, nut after inserting the second disk my computer stops. (even crtl alt del doesn't react)

I thought maybe an instalation thru an open conection (parallel) ith my other system, but i've no idea how to:P
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Old 04-22-2002
you can ofcourse take the cd-rom player out of the other computer and put it in this one. even my old 486 does support bootable cd's (486 DX 33).
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Old 05-12-2002

Yeah, thougt about that, but how can I put an IDE cdrom drive on a labtop with oly serial and parralel connectors.
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Old 05-13-2002
an new idea

you can connect your laptop to an other (with an network) pc and install there a nice proxy (best is a transparant proxy). (you need a pcmcia network card for this). and use a bootable disk from a company like suse. run the disk connect to the internet. and install from an ftp.

things you need at least for this is an pcmcia network card and comp with 2 network cards or an network card and a modem. (last one is not prefferable). and a crosscable/coax cable, transparante proxy software.

it is proberly also possible to installl from a cd in your computer if you have made it an ftp server (not sure if it works never tested it).
then you need is an pcmcia network card , other normal network card and a crosscable. ftp server software for other pc.

i hope these a workable ideas.
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Old 05-13-2002
it is not possible to run X on a 50MHz, 33MHz external proc, and I think that your 486 w/ cd boot bios is a rare find indeed. take it from a kid who's had 7. (all in the last 2 years). and, on top of that, getting a working internal laptop CD drive for a 486 is near to impossible, unless you get an lpt adapter. Minux will surely run on 4MB of ram, but if you want X, think again. I assume that your hard disk is around 512MB... and I think GNOME takes 150MB and KDE takes 300, so forget using a desktop environment. My advice: install Win 3.11 on DOS 6.22, or PC DOS 7.0.
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