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Old 03-29-2001
We run the collect process like this:
collect -i60,120 -f /var/adm/collect.dated/collect -H d0:5,1w -W 1h -M 10,15

We run True 64 UNIX on a Compaq double processor. From time to time we have big troubles with our performance on our GIS-Application.
I checked the processes (ps -ef). The collect process came up to nearly 200% (2 CPU's!). This runs sometimes up to two hours.
How can I avoid this? Can I give the collect-process a lower priority? Or is the process to important.

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Old 03-29-2001
I am not familiar with the collect command, but if you want to run it at a lower priority, you could do:

nice -n 20 collect -i60,120...<I>etc</I>...

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