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Old 04-11-2002
Data .htaccess

i want to protect a folder on my HP....

does the folder need more than ".htaccess" and ".htpasswd" to be protected , and ask for login and password???

Please help ......

i use HTAdmin 1.2.1 to manage my access files..

The systemadmin cant or wount answer.....Smilie

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Old 04-12-2002
That will protect it from the folks hitting it via a browser but you may want to check permission on the directory itself to insure an insider can't mess with it (excluding your system admin, of course!)
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Old 04-12-2002
The admin of the server must enable the .htacces override in the httpd.conf so it looks like
allow override ALL

And he should alo set the extension for the passwd file (Is set in Apache)

And I hope this can help you,


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Old 04-12-2002
Thank you

I found out.. that i need a new webhotel.....

they really pi..... me off..

Again thanks alot for your help , that way i found out that i wasent making any mistakes...Smilie

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