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Multiline Grep

How does one do a search for a multiline regular experssion and output the results to a file.

I know this won't work since grep only searches single lines:
egrep '<a>.*?</a>' source.xml > output.xml

Here are some sample patterns I'd like to match and output to a single file:



Do I need perl for this?

Many Thanks!
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With Unix there is always more than one way to skin a cat. I am not good with regular expressions so I did this with awk:


cat source.xml | awk 'BEGIN {x=0}
if ($0~"<a>") {x=1}
if (x==1) {print $0}
if ($0~"</a>") {x=0}
}' > output.xml
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try this Perl script:
use strict;
my $filename = shift;
open (FILE, "<", $filename)  or  die "Failed to read file $filename : $! \n";
my $whole_file;
    local $/;
    $whole_file = <FILE>;
while ($whole_file =~ m#\<a\>(.*?)\<\/a\>#g) {
    print $1 . "\n";

run this script as:
perl source.xml  > output.xml

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Originally Posted by Yogesh Sawant
while ($whole_file =~ m#\<a\>(.*?)\<\/a\>#g) {

I think you may need the s option to span newlines
while ($whole_file =~ m#\<a\>(.*?)\<\/a\>#sg) {

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Thanks for the help!

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