haven`t the right of root?

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Old 04-05-2002
Java haven`t the right of root?

I install solaris 8. I want to use netconfig command, but it dispear "you haven`t the right",why? Is there somebody can help me?
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Old 04-07-2002
did you log on as root?
maybee when you installed have created a user whith username root and pwd the root pwd
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Old 04-07-2002
I am sure ,I use the root ID

That was my first time install solaris unix system.and I haven`t set other counter in my computer ,I am sure I use the ID of root. but I can not use the command "netconfig", can you help me, thanks!!
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Old 04-08-2002
how about "su " superuser ? have you try it. If you log in as root, there wont be any problem configuring netconfig. Also login as root try going to your shell and type $ id what is the value ? you should see something like
id (500) root .## ### ##
if its diffrent what is it ? do post back
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