new LAN, where are the config files?

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Old 03-27-2001

We just moved to a new office so few things changed on our LAN. I am on Solaris and trying to find the files that hold the configuration for connecting to the servers. I changed the IP addresses to reflect the new addresses but still I get this error:
“unknown sendmail [213]: unable to qualify my own domain name (unknown) - using short name” and another one:
“unknown sendmail [213]: [ID 702911 mail.alert] unable to qualify my own domain name (unknown) - using short name”
Where should I looking for the config files to fix it?
Thank you, George
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Old 03-27-2001
Sounds like DNS is broken. All the files should be in /etc Look at
resolv.conf (most likely)
hostname.hme0 (if it's an ultra, sparc would be hostname.le0)

Make sure that dns is listed on the host line in /etc/nsswitch.conf
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Old 03-27-2001
Check /etc/hosts

It should contain your fully qualified domain name.

# IP hostname
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Old 03-27-2001
OK, I got the correct IP in the resolv.conf and correct IP in hosts. No I can start the browser since I can connect to the network but for some reason the console does not give me a prompt. It comes up when I launch new console window but that's it. Also, Tomcat does not connect correctly. I do have the DNS in the nsswitch.conf file as well. This is on Solaris 8. The terminal window is working fine.
Thanks, gp

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