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Old 04-05-2002
Data Linux Newbie

I have installed Linux 7.2 and win 2000 but it only boot up with win 2000 . . could someone plz, help me out i know i have to change the settings in Lilo but how do i get access to the system i have created an startdisk but it tries to reinstall the system all the time, the system is alredy in but i can't acess it . .
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Old 04-05-2002
See if you have the utility liloconfig installed on your system. It practically walks you through it.
Before you run it, make sure you know what disk (if you have more than one) and what partition the Linux and W2k are each installed in, since you have to point lilo in the right direction for each.
Please post back with these details if you would like some more help.
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